Europe’s most modern
shooting range for its size!

The range can be easily and proudly ranked among the best in both Slovakia and the whole of Europe. An incredible shooting cinema lets you practise your marksmanship skills on more than 90 different films with animals, people and other targets to guarantee an unforgettable experience. If you are working on your accuracy and technique to improve your skills, in addition to shooting at a cinema screen, the indoor shooting range offers a tunnel where you can practise at a distance of 100-300 metres from the target. There are plenty of quality opportunities for both professional and complete beginners.

Excellent opportunities to practise shooting
not just for hunters

Although the unconventional indoor range was initially developed with hunters in mind, there was never any desire to deny other firearm enthusiasts the opportunity to take advantage of it. That motivated the decision to create a place where experienced hunters, police officers and sport shooters, as well as amateurs and absolute novices looking to handle a gun for the first time ever will find their own place, bringing to Slovakia the right conditions and special opportunities to handle weaponry.


Hontianske Nemce’s indoor shooting range is just one element of a larger complex in operation for many years, providing services to our visitors. Chateau Hunting is located in the immediate vicinity of the range, where you can stay and also wonderfully relax in the wellness centre or spa while enjoying fantastic cuisine. There are extensive grounds of more than 10,000 hectares in area for people who truly enjoy traditional hunting, home to a wide variety of animals from mouflon and fallow deer to wild boar, foxes and hares. In addition, AGROSPOL Hontianske Nemce is dedicated to sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly farming with high-quality food, tasty meat and other products to enjoy.

Come visit us – we look forward to seeing you!